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HonECOre is a result of continuous innovation and dedication from a set of engineers and a committed workforce that has given India its first truly world class homegrown paper honeycomb. Providing a complete range of honeycomb core, doors & panels, packaging, paper honeycomb conversion machinery and turnkey solutions, HonECOre is a complete offering through a single window.

An Eco friendly material with excellent weight to strength ratio, paper honeycomb is a popular material across the globe for its use in packaging, doors, table tops, panels, automobiles and a lot more. Being on the inside means it is hardly ever visible to end users making it the invisible force within a lightweight eco friendly panel!


Honeycomb packaging solutions are completely eco-friendly and cost effective while also being lightweight. These include but are not limited to pallets, crates, separators, boxes, impact protection pads, edge protectors and other die cut primary packaging.

At HonECOre furniture, we offer high end, light weight and Eco-friendly furniture options. Check out the whole range of finished and semi-finished panels to meet the requirement of your green building.


Paper honeycomb core, forms the main structure of any panel which it goes into and is responsible for most of its essential and inherent properties. Available in various dimensions and cell sizes as per global industry standard and practice.

We ensure our customers get full support not just in terms of advice and solutions but also the right machines to enhance productivity and maintain consistency in manufacturing.


Get-wise-Packaging solutions: We visit your facility, evaluate the needs, the gaps and the scope of you going green with your packaging. A service that covers details from the product design to consumer behavior, an exhaustive study of one of the most important aspects of your business


Shift-to-green-manufacturing: our change management solutions to help you start manufacturing the greener, cleaner and cost effective paper honeycomb panels. From technical expertise to change management solutions you can find it all in here.

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