Thickness Tolerance

upto +/- 1mm


10 mm to 70mm

Ready to Use


Standard Size

8ft x 4ft , Custom Sizes Available

Paper honeycomb is highly efficient as in-fills for producing high-quality whiteboards with perfectly flat surfaces. This material ensures zero wastage, fast processing, and an excellent finish on the product. Paper honeycomb designs can be customized in thickness to fit existing frame sizes, providing versatility and precision. The lightweight nature reduces shipping costs, while its eco-friendly composition supports sustainability goals. By choosing paper honeycomb in-fills, manufacturers can enhance the quality and efficiency of whiteboard production, ensuring a superior product while committing to environmentally responsible practices, making it the best solution for high-quality, sustainable whiteboard production.

Why Choose Our Eco-Friendly Honecore Packaging?

Sustainability: We're committed to eco-conscious practices. Our materials and manufacturing processes minimize environmental impact while maximizing durability and reliability, aligning with your brand's sustainability goals.

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